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Summer 2005 Recap
I hope everyone has had a nice John Hughes style summer this year. Our summer consisted of a three week tour of the UK (including two festivals in Germany), a week of shows with our friends Space Mtn. and a week of shows with the Dead 60's.

Coming up in September, Walter will be doing a solo tour in Germany and Walking Concert will be playing CMJ in New York on September 17. Other plans in the works...

-Posted 08/22/05

New Web Site
So we have a new web site. We also now have a message board forum. Take a look around...
-Posted 08/22/05

What's Your New Video?
we made a video for "What's Your New Thing?" a few months ago. it was directed by major lightner. you can see it by visiting the Some Records website.
-Posted 04/25/05

Flux Capacitor
just wanted to say we've had a really great time out on tour with both mewithoutYou and Dusty Brown the past 11 days. they are both great bands and even greater people! not to mention they have a crazy flux capacitor bus. thank you aaron, bender, mike, sarah, nicki, chris, dusty, sean, greg, rickie, and jessica. you guys rule, and yo, help her with that!
-Posted 04/25/05

so we've been out on tour with the band mewithoutYou for 11 days now, and today is the last show. the tour has been great, the weather beautiful (except for that two day, april blizzard in ohio) and the people we have met have all been very nice. it's been great to play some new places and hit up some of the spots we've already been. so that's the good news. now for the bad...

unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, we've had to pull off the upcoming tour with Finch and Vendetta Red. the tour dates have been removed from our site, but for those who were looking forward to seeing us, we're sorry! we hope to continue touring in the coming months, making our way to europe and the UK, hopefully back to california, the west coast and beyond!

-Posted 04/25/05

friday was manic panic
Want to thank the bushwick people for hosting such a kick ass jam. We had a blast and can't wait to rock tha house of God again this summer. jordo filmed the whole thing and we're going to make a radical video out of it for "Hands Up!"

More about "Hands Up"...I copied a bunch of copies on my I-tunes for the kids that sang backup at the end. JJ and I recorded them live, they still haven't heard tha track, they're gonna freak, can't wait.

-Posted 04/05/05

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